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Integrating AppDynamics with core

AppDynamics provide information about your application/server at single place. Application performance, integration with other systems, business transactions,  user load and exceptions, AppDynamics provide all these information under one dashboard. Integrating AppDynamics with core is very simple. Here are the steps to integrate it with your core application. 1. Download AppDynamics agent libraries from AppDynamics Download Center 2. Extract it on Linux machine and copy the extracted files in your website folder. These are the extracted files -  AppDynamics.Agent.netstandard.dll AppDynamicsConfig.json.template libappdprofiler .so 3. Rename 'AppDynamicsConfig.json.template' to 'AppDynamicsConfig.json' 4. Make the required changes as per your AppDynamics Controller setup ( assuming your AppDynamics Controller is already setup and running ) If you are using .json file, please include below lines in your AppDynamicsConfig.j

Verify your website accessibility

Web accessibility is the practice of ensuring that your website is interactive and accessible to even people with disabilities. Many countries provide laws protecting the rights of disabled persons, therefore it becomes really important to design and develop the website in compliance with those laws and follow web accessibility as de-facto. The blog helps to test your web accessibility. 1. Open chrome browser and browse any website. Open developer tools and click on Audit tab. Scroll to Audits section and check the 'Accessibility' option. Web accessibility check in Chrome browser 2. Once you click on 'Run audits' button, you will see a message( as shown below ). Don't worry, auditing has started. Starting auditing of website 3. Once audit is completed, it will generate audit report( as shown below ) Audit report for web accessibility Have a great day !!

Creating and Installing Sitecore Packages

Creating and Installng Sitecore Package Create Sitecore Package 1. Open Sitecore( from where you would like to create package ) and click on Package Designer 2. Once Package designer panel is opened, click on Item statically and provide all required details as shown below 3. After clicking on 'Item statically' option, a popup will open. Choose selected items and click on 'Add with SubItems' or 'Add Items' buttons     a. clicking on 'Add Item' will only include selected item and not child items     b. clicking on 'Add with subitems' will include selected Item and its child items 4. Click on 'Generate Zip' option which will generate the package in .zip format 5. Download the .zip file of sitecore package by clicking on download button Installing Sitecore Package 1. Open Sitecore ( instance where you would like to install package ) and click on 'Installation Wizard' 2. upload the .zip package