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HTTP Compression and Performance tuning

With the advancement of technology and exceeding expectations of users, one has to be very careful designing a website. Performance is one of the key elements for success of an application. Even if, you have designed the application with uttermost care and rock solid architecture, there are few key areas in which you have to be really vigilant. HTTP Compression is one of those pivotal spaces. HTTP compression is the technique to compress static and dynamic content which improves the transfer speed and performance of a website. Steps to keep the compression ON for a website. Here the demonstration is given for IIS based website. 1. Open IIS (inetmgr) 2. Goto website. Right side will show all components of that website 3. Click on 'Compression' module and verify that both the checkboxes are checked if you need static and dynamic content to be compressed. 4. Click 'Mime Types' and check 'application/x-javascript' is added in the existing mime ty