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Call a custom Script from Excel

  It is quite common that we receive the data in Excel and several times we have to remove unwanted characters from columns or modify the data as per the requirement. To avoid manual fixes of these kind of requirements, we may use Macro to automate the process which not only increase productivity but also avoid manual errors. We can easily create Macro to quickly fix it. Here are the steps to create Macro and run it. Open Excel Goto View tab on Main menu Click on 'View Macros'. This should open a Macro popup. Enter Macro Name and click on + icon. Clicking on + icon should open Macro Coding screen(as shown below). Add your code in the function. Click on Save icon to save the file with Macro. Click on Run icon to run the Macro code. The above code should remove additional line breaks from columns. Reference Code(to remove line breaks from columns): Sub MyCustomMacro () Dim MyRange As Range Application . ScreenUpdating = False Application . Calculation = xlCa