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Setting up web server and continuous integration

Apart from creating website & app-pool in IIS, there are several steps which need to be performed when setting a new website on server. Setup Web Server There are few activities which you have to perform on Web Server: 1. Install Web Deploy [ Download ] 2. Install URL Rewrite [ Download ] 3. Make Sure .Net Framework feature is ON in Windows features 4. Create a standard user which could be used to deploy files to web server after successful build 5. Open "services.msc" and check that 'Web Deployment Agent Service' is running with the standard user credentials created in Step 4. 6. Run App pool and website with same standard user which is created in Step 4 7. Reset IIS Server Continuous Integration There are several tools which are being used for continuous integration but they perform same functions when we discuss about build and deployment. In this example, we are referring Jenkins [ Download ]. If msdeploy or any relevant command is be