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Nutch crawler and integration with Solr

Before moving ahead with this article, I assume you have Solr installed and running. If you would like to install Solr on windows, mac or via docker, please read Setup a Solr instance . There are several ways to install nutch which you can read from Nutch tutorial , however I have written this article for those who would like to install nutch using docker. I tried finding help on google but could not find any help for nutch installation using docker and spent good amount of time fixing issues specific to it. Therefore I have written this article to help and save time of other developers. Install nutch using docker- 1. Pull docker image of nutch using below command,      > docker pull apache/nutch 2. Once image is pulled, run the container,      > docker run -t -i -d --name nutchcontainer apache/nutch /bin/bash 3. You should be able to enter in the container and see bash prompt,      > bash-5.1#  Let's setup few important settings now- 1. Goto bin folder,       > bash-5.

Identify security leaks in code

  We will be using Gitleaks software to find security leaks. Here are the steps to identify leaks in your code repo - Install gitleaks on your local machine. Click here to install . Check if it is installed successfully on your local machine.  Website> gitleaks --version If its installed, it should show version of gitleaks. Download sample.config file( see attachment ) and copy on your local machine( this is the sample file with configuration/rules, you may change it as per your requirements ). Now git clone the repo on your local machine and goto your code folder. Once you are in code folder, run gitleaks command. Website> gitleaks --path=./ --config-path=../sample.config --verbose where, --path=./ => path of .git folder --config-path=../sample.config => path of sample.config file You can also download the report of leaks for sharing it with your team - Website> gitleaks -v --pretty --path [RepoPath] --config-path=../sample.config --report= [PathtosaveReport] wher

Interview Questions for experienced professionals: Part 1

This article is for those who are prepaing for any technical job interview. Different organisation have different interview process and here I am sharing the interview of one of the consulting firms. Interview was categorised into multiple sections to understand T shaped skills. T shaped skills accesses a candidate on core expertise(depth of understanding) and other technical skills(breadth of concepts).  I have catagorised the interview into sections which includes, Algorithms, SQL Server, Innovative Ideas, Technical Knowledge and so on. You may check your knowledge as well. Try it once. Algorithms Q: How to swap the values of two integers with using additional memory?  Ans:  public static void SwapInt () { int a = 25 ; int b = 35 ; a = a + b ; b = a - b ; a = a - b ; Console . WriteLine ( "a=> " + a + " b=> " + b ); } Q: How to find duplicate i