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Unable to launch the IIS Express Web server

I had exactly the same issue. Tried everything but finally one trick worked. Delete folder IISExpress from "My Documents" Load your project again, it will create IISExpress folder again with updated configuration Check IISExpress folder has sufficient permissions to read-write the configuration file Load project again and Run IISExpress. It should work. Author: Sumit Bajaj

Create dynamic content using Razor templates

This article is explaining the usage of Razor template and effectiveness of these templates. Let's consider one scenario, when you have to send emails to different users with dynamic data which is different for different users. Example shown below is a basic example. Think of some complex scenario where plenty of data need to be changed and also require some styling. To start work on one simple example, right click on your website folder and create a new blank @view. Name it as "Useremail.cshtml". Paste the mentioned code there. Useremail.cshtml     < html >    < body   style =" font-family :  Arial ;  font-size :  smaller">     < p > Dear  @ Model.Name, </ p >      < p > A new account has been created for you to access Application with                            username:  < b > @ Model.Username  </ b ></ p >      < p > You can access the application at  @ Model.AppUrl. </ p &g

Nuget Error: "No more data is available"

Unable to install Nuget Package Manager on Visual Studio 2010 SP1, Windows 7, 64 bit machine. When creating new MVC4 Project, getting Nuget Error "No more data is available". Here are the steps which will resolve the issue. 1. Open Visual Studio -> Tools -> Extension Manager... 2. From Online Gallery, Download Nuget Package Manager If you get error like "No more data is available", Download it from Nuget Website . 3. Once downloaded, change the extension "vsix" to "zip"     For example:  Nuget.Tools.vsix  -> 4. Goto path   C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\Common7\ide\Extensions\Microsoft Corporation\NuGet Package Manager\1.6.21205.9031 if it is not existing, create the folders so path could look like above path. 5. Unzip the Package (see step 3) in the folder (see step 4) 6. Now ...\NuGet Package Manager\1.6.21205.9031 should have all dlls and respective files 7. Restart

Steps to migrate from other CMS to Sitecore

Here are few easy steps to migrate the data from other CMS to Sitecore 1. Get the detail of CMS from where to migrate in Sitecore 2. Export the articles or items in xml format. Generally all CMS gives this option to export it in xml file format 3. Read the xml tags one by one to get all related details ( code given is just for reference ) //Get all files under specific directory string [] files = Directory .GetFiles(path); List < ArticleData > articleList = new List < ArticleData >(); //Read each file one by one foreach ( string filePath in files) {      XmlDocument xmlDoc = new XmlDocument ();     xmlDoc.Load(filePath);                  ArticleData article = new ArticleData ();     article.FileName = filePath.Substring(path.Length + 1, (filePath.Length - (path.Length + 1)));     XmlNodeList list = xmlDoc.SelectNodes( "record/item[@name='it_article_title']" );                    article.Title = list

Sitecore 7: The Power Packed

Sitecore 7 is new release of Sitecore content management system. It came up with so many exciting features that when someone will go through, definitely will say Wow!!. The industry's first fully integrated search based architecture. Out of so many power-packed features, here is the list of few. Search Boosting: It allows content to be pushed higher in the search. Rules are provided which can be easily created in sitecore depending on business requrements. For example: If we have 100 featured results to be displayed on page, then by boosting your items can up-rank it on top. Dynamic Data: The nice change in Data source field. It allows to write query based data source which make it fully dynamic.  Criteria can be written in Build Query dialog box. Search Tagging: Inbuilt tagging mechanism pulls the content in search which is tagged. It is used for fetching more accurate data. No coding, its just add tags on item and you are done. Big Data: There i

Importing existing blog data under New blog

Welcome to the topic 'Importing existing blog's data under new blog'. Generally people write new post in existing blog but few people write blogs in category. One kind of posts under one blog and other kind of posts under other blog. For example: java-script related posts under java-script blog, ruby related issues under ruby blogs. Sometime when there is need to generate feed for blogs it gets difficult to accumulate all blogs under one feed when you have categories the blogs. Those who have all posts under one blog, feeds get generated easily. Let's see how different blogs can be grouped together under one blog. These steps are written for, similar kind of steps can be used for other kind of blogging sites. 1. Open and click on the blog which you want to move to other (main) blog 2. Click on Settings tab on left 3. Click on Other tab under Settings 4. Click on 'Export blog' which is shown on top right panel 5. Clickin
Brightcove video event handling is way to capture the video events and perform some operations on occurrence of that event. Note: Brightcove API services does not work on local environment ( for example: direct browsing of page ) so you have to host the website on IIS. Here are the steps to include video on page and capture the events and perform some action on event occurrence. Open any HTML page and write the mentioned javascript code in head section. Javascript Section < script type ="text/javascript">          var player;          var modVP;          var modExp;          var modCon;                  function myTemplateLoaded(experienceID) {                          player = brightcove.api.getExperience(experienceID);              modVP = player.getModule(brightcove.api.modules.APIModules.VIDEO_PLAYER);              modExp = player.getModule(brightcove.api.modules.APIModules.EXPERIENCE);              modCon = player.getModule(brightcove.api.modules.APIModules.C