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Power of Sitecore Powershell Extensions()

What is Sitecore Powershell Extensions(SPE)? It is Sitecore accelerator which can drastically increase the speed to develop a Sitecore solution and helps you write script in powerful way.  It provides a command line and scripting environment for automating Sitecore tasks.   Is it Licensed tool OR free to download? If you have Sitecore license, these extensions are free of cost.   How to install it? Installation   For non-containerised environment click here For containerised environment   click here You may download it from Sitecore downloads as well. Sitecore Powershell Extension Interface Why you need it? Rather writing everything in .Net code, Sitecore has provided provision to write powershell script which can work same way(as like C# code) and help building reports and automating tasks within Content Editor.  Example of Powershell script Parent Script: Try { $currentItem = Get-Item . Import-Function Show-Page-Dialog $resultItem = Show-Page-