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WFFM: Save to Database

Web Forms For Marketers has become one of the essential component of Sitecore. Almost every website is using forms to capture the inputs from users and it is very common scenario to get the data stored in Database for reporting purpose. Here are few easy steps which can help you storing the form's data in SQL database. Download the WFFM - SQL Provider(Save To Database)  and install it in Sitecore using Installation wizard. All physical files and Sitecore items will be stored in respective location. Once installed, you will notice that it has created a new Action  under System-> Modules -> Web Forms for Marketers -> Settings -> Actions -> Save Actions Now, we have to add connection string in configuration file which will help us storing the data in that database. You have to keep the name of connectionstring to 'wfm' only as same name is referred in WFFM module code. < add connectionstring="user id=your_db_user_id;password=your_db_password;