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Host Angular App on Heroku

Angular is one of the javascript frameworks which provides new dimensions of writing javascript and on the other hand Heroku is a web hosting platform which allows applications to host. Most importantly, it gives option to host various applications free of cost. Now considering that an angular project is ready and need to be hosted somewhere so could be accessed publicly. There are few steps which will push the project on Heroku platform and enable the angular project to be browsed by outside world. Pre-requisite: 1. You should have a Heroku account, if not create one. 2. Heroku toolbelt is installed on machine. Once installed using command prompt, enter "heroku login" and provide your email and password to log into heroku account. 3. In case you need some domain name, register it in advance. Otherwise you can access the URL which Heroku provides by default. 4. Last and most important point, you should be ready with angular project. Insure that you are not getting a