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Interview Questions for experienced professionals: Part 1

This article is for those who are prepaing for any technical job interview. Different organisation have different interview process and here I am sharing the interview of one of the consulting firms. Interview was categorised into multiple sections to understand T shaped skills. T shaped skills accesses a candidate on core expertise(depth of understanding) and other technical skills(breadth of concepts).  I have catagorised the interview into sections which includes, Algorithms, SQL Server, Innovative Ideas, Technical Knowledge and so on. You may check your knowledge as well. Try it once. Algorithms Q: How to swap the values of two integers with using additional memory?  Ans:  public static void SwapInt () { int a = 25 ; int b = 35 ; a = a + b ; b = a - b ; a = a - b ; Console . WriteLine ( "a=> " + a + " b=> " + b ); } Q: How to find duplicate i