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Google search appliance (GSA) sorting and filtering

Working with Google Search Appliance(GSA), sometimes business has requirement of sorting or filtering the results. Browsing the internet did not provide any helpful pointers for the ways to sort or filter the search results therefore I have written these instructions to use sorting & filtering in easy way with examples . Sorting: Google Search Appliance(GSA) has provided the tags to sort the results in ascending or descending order. Pages should have meta tags which provides information to GSA box for crawling. Using those tags, sorting can be achieved. For example: If web pages has a tag <meta name =" title " content =" Sumit Bajaj::Passionate Technologist " /> GSA URL should include parameter to sort the results &sort=meta:title:a  (for arranging all results in ascending order w.r.t title) &sort=meta:title:d  (for arranging all results in descending order w.r.t title) Similarly it can be sorted for another meta tags. Filteri